About AccessLine

AccessLine believes that the best way to support people with disabilities, is to offer them peer support by people with disabilities themselves. Our knowledge of the challenges of having a disability give us the opportunity to provide emotional support and resources to those of us living with disability.Through community support, we want to provide a crisis & support line for people with disabilities to call, when they are looking to speak to someone who understands the reality of disability, and can offer relevant resources.

Many circumstances that PwD face are not ones that able-bodied people even have to contemplate. For example, what happens when you leave the hospital or rehab centre as a newly disabled person? How do you deal with changes in your body and life-circumstance? What about when you’re a person with a disability who is regularly treated poorly at work? Or if you’re living with a disability and experiencing violence at the hands of a partner or carer? AccessLine believes you should have someone to connect with when encountering this specific, disability-related struggles.

We believe that individuals should be able to access support around issues related to disability, such as:

  • disability grieve (loss or change of ability)
  • attendant/care issues
  • issues with doctors/medicalization
  • financial issues
  • mental health issues
  • isolation
  • stigma/ableism (also called ‘disablism’)
  • assault/abuse
  • independence
  • personal agency
  • chronic pain’
  • & more

AccessLine is still in its very initial phases and could benefit from any support or feedback. If you’d like to help, or want to know more, please email accessline613@gmail.com. Thank you!

**Please note that AccessLine does not offer regular hours of operation for our helpline at this time, as we are still in the process of developing our organization. Please donate now if you can donate to help our organization get started.